Salah and Liverpool are victims of the “selfish” plot. Mane | sport


A strange theory that former Liverpool star Michael Owen believes in, about the way Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane dealt with each other.
Many skirmishes occurred between the two during the past months, accusing each of them of being selfish and not passing the other on the field.
Liverpool suffered a strong shock yesterday, Thursday, after losing to Chelsea with a clean goal in the English Premier League, a match in which Mane could have received a penalty after being fouled, but he decided to get up and stand on his feet.
Owen expressed this position to the “Optis” network and said: “I did not believe what Mane did, he did not fall to the ground after receiving the blow or even looked for judgment.”
He added, “It was a great touch from him and he probably thought he would have a chance to score if he got up, but he did something similar a week ago against Sheffield United.”
He continued: “There are some twisted ideas revolving in my head. Salah is the team’s penalty kick taker, and if Mane has a chance to score, he will do so, instead of giving Salah another penalty kick to score.”
“Each of them got the Golden Boot before, they might just be wild ideas, but the competitive nature of him and Salah make things difficult between them and each of them does not pass to the other, even if he is in a better position,” he added.
The former Reds star ended his remarks: “We see here a little selfishness and we witness some indignant behavior. Salah was shaking his head after the change against Chelsea, Mane was always falling for this kind of opportunity, and not doing that made me think a little.”
It is noteworthy that Salah has scored 24 goals with Liverpool in all competitions this season, while Mane has scored 11 goals only in all the occasions he has played.
Source: Agencies


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