Russian immunologist warns of the dangers of old pillows


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Russian immunologist warns of the dangers of old pillows

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Russian doctor who specializes in immunology and allergy, Anatoly Polybuk, spoke about the dangers of old pillows and the damage they may cause to human health.

In an interview he gave to the Russian Fifth TV Channel, the doctor indicated that a good new pillow positively affects human health and ensures sound sleep.

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He said, “From an allergy point of view, pillows are a source of allergens, as household dust and dust mites accumulate in them over time.”

And the old pillow often causes serious problems, and if, for example, a chronic runny nose appears for an inexplicable reason, or a headache persists, or conjunctivitis occurs, or bronchial asthma develops, all of this may be evidence of an allergy.

And the pillow, according to the doctor, is a habitat for microscopic insects that live there. It does not bite a person, but does eat the dips, drops of sweat and saliva entering the pillow.

He said that the aforementioned disease is curable and there are vaccines that protect humans from it.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda


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