Ruby celebrates Hattia’s success with her colleagues


CelebratedActress RubyWith the success of her new song “Another pointIt is the first song on her new album of the same name.
Ruby recently released the song and exceeded 3 million views on YouTube, nearly a week after its release.
It is noteworthy that the song has lyrics and melodiesAziz Al ShafeiMusic distribution and Master Touma.
The ceremony was attended by the Egyptian actorMajid Al-MasryAnd his wife Rania Abu Al-Nasr, the artist Bushra, the composer Aziz Al-Shafei, the artist Ahmed Jamal, the artist Gilan Alaa, and Kooki, Ruby’s sister and her husband, the player Islam Siyam, and others.
Ruby was keen, during the ceremony, to sing her new song “Hatta Tania”, in addition to a number of her old songs, including “Les Bedari Keda”, and the attendees interacted with her songs strongly.


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