Rouhani: Returning to the nuclear agreement is not achieved through …


Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani said today, Wednesday, “If there is a serious will to lift the embargo on Tehran, we will backtrack on the steps to reduce our nuclear commitments.”

Rouhani stressed during the cabinet meeting that “if all parties abide by their commitments in the nuclear deal, we will do so.”

He added that “if there is a serious will to lift the sanctions, Tehran will backtrack on steps to reduce its nuclear commitments,” calling on the US administration to “clearly announce the mistake of the previous administration’s policies and provide compensation for our losses.”

Rouhani pointed out that “the nuclear agreement is the most important political agreement signed by Iran in its history, and in this agreement it has done tremendous work.” “We have shown everyone our ability to do everything we need in the field of installing centrifuges.”

He said that “the administration of US President Joe Biden, recognized the mistakes of the previous administration, but did not take any serious step in lifting the sanctions,” stressing that there is no real will on the part of Washington to lift the sanctions on Tehran and return to the nuclear agreement.

Rouhani explained that the new US administration changed the style of Washington’s speech and took a practical step by withdrawing the request to re-impose international sanctions at the Security Council, noting that “the main issue for Iran is the lifting of sanctions, and that there is a change in the US statements, but Washington’s policy towards Iran has not Change. “

He pointed out that “a return to the nuclear agreement is not achieved through statements and slogans, and we are awaiting practical steps.”

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