Ronaldo announces he has smashed Brazilian legend Pele as the best goalscorer in football history



Ronaldo announces he has smashed Brazilian legend Pele as the best goalscorer in football history

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Archive photo of Cristiano Ronaldo reuniting with Pele

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo announced in an official statement today, Sunday, that he broke the record for Brazilian soccer legend Pele as the best scorer in the history of the round witch.

Juventus starred today with his Juventus team by scoring three “hat-trick” goals that led the “old lady” to beat Cagliari in the league, 3-1.

The Portuguese star reached the 770th goal in his career.

Ronaldo published a statement through his personal account on “Instagram”, which is followed by more than 270 million people around the world, in which he said: “The past few weeks have been full of news and statistics, which consider me the best goalscorer in football history, surpassing 757 official goals by Pele.”

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In video, Ronaldo shines and scores

Ronaldo added: “Although I am grateful for this recognition, now is the time for me, to explain why I have not recognized this record, up to this point.”

The Portuguese star continued, saying: “My constant and unconditional admiration for Mr. Pele, like the respect I had for football in the middle of the twentieth century, prompted me to take into account that he scored 767 goals, counting his nine goals for the Sao Paulo state team, as well as his only goal for the Brazilian military team, as official goals.”

He added, “The world has changed since then, and football has changed as well … but this does not mean that we can erase history according to our interests.”

And Ronaldo continued: “Today, with my official goal of the 770th in my professional career, my first words go directly to Pele .. There is no player in the world who has not grown up listening to the stories of his matches, goals and achievements, and I am no exception.”

He added, “For this reason, I am full of joy and pride, because I acknowledge that I became the top scorer in the world, beating Pele’s record, something I never dreamed of when I was a kid from Madeira.”

He concluded by saying, “Thank you to all those who participated with me in this wonderful journey .. to my teammates, opponents, and fans of the beautiful game all over the world .. and above all (thank you) to my family and close friends. Now, I cannot wait for the upcoming matches and challenges. Upcoming records and prizes .. Believe me, this story is still far from over, and there is still a lot to win with Juventus and Portugal .. Join me on this journey, let’s go. ”

Source: The official account of Cristiano Ronaldo in “Instagram”


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