Report: Chinese “App Gallery” has become a strong competitor to “Google Play”


The specialized technical website GSM Arena published a report that revealed recent statistical figures that showed that the “App Gallery” store affiliated to “Huawei” and the alternative to the “Google Play” application store achieved record high numbers, in what constitutes a major blow to the “Android” operating system. For the US giant “Google”.
According to the site, the report indicated that users of the “App Gallery” store on “Huawei” phones now have more than 530 million monthly active users; Which makes it a real and strong competitor to the “Google Play” store.
The number of Huawei store users on their phones increased by 83% annually, to achieve 384 billion installations and downloads in 2020.
In this context, Huawei revealed that there are 2.3 million registered developers working on mobile applications dedicated to the “App Gallery” store, 77% higher than it was in 2019.
The report emphasized that these figures reveal that Huawei is actively seeking to offer more capable and innovative alternatives to the “Android” operating system, which has banned its main applications such as “Google Play”, “YouTube”, “Google Maps” and “Gmail” on “Huawei” phones due to US sanctions.


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