Remontada exciting .. extra time gives Al-Ahly a fatal victory over


10:46 PM

Friday 05 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Allam:

Al-Ahly achieved an impressive victory over Zamalek, with a score of 112-106, in the match that was held between them in the fourth round of the Super League Basketball this evening at the Al-Ahly Club lounge on the island.

The original time ended in a 95-95 draw.

Zamalek entered the match in a strong way and decided the first period in his favor with a score of 27-17, then continued to outperform in the second period and ended it with a 13-point difference with a score of 55-42.

Despite Al-Ahly’s superiority in the third period, scoring 21 points compared to 15 points scored by the white team players, but Zamalek settled this period in his favor with a score of 70-63.

The fourth period witnessed excitement in its events after Al-Ahly returned to the match in the final minutes, and the excitement continued in the last seconds of the events of this period, which saw the two teams tie with a score of 95-95, in order to resort to additional time in the match.

The excitement continued in the extra time from the match until its last moments before Al-Ahly expanded the difference to 4 points at the score 109-105, then maintained its superiority to end the match in its favor by a difference of 6 points.

With this victory, Al-Ahly raised its score to the sixth point, while Zamalek gained 7 points.


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