realme introduces 108 megapixel imaging technologies powered by artificial intelligence


Realme, the fastest growing company in the world in the field of smart phone technology and artificial intelligence products, revealed that it has reached modern technologies in the field of photography and video, which are being launched for the first time with a resolution of 108 megapixels in the middle price categories.

This comes after its success in being the first brand of smartphones to launch in 2019 a 64-megapixel quad camera with artificial intelligence technologies.

Alessiwa, head of the Camera Technology Development Department at realme Global, confirmed that the advanced technology that the company unveiled in the field of compact cameras has been strengthened with artificial intelligence technologies, so that photography enthusiasts can

And a video of exercising their passion without spending exorbitant money.

He drew attention to the use of highly advanced sensors that work with -in-1-pixel binning9 technology, which allows combining 9 small pixels into one pixel, which helps improve image quality in low light, in addition to the modern zoom sensors that have been greatly developed in the new Star Mode 2.0 that works With a highly advanced algorithm that reduces stress on ROM and RAM when capturing night-time photos or videos of a starry sky.

The head of the camera technology development department at realme Global added: We have also developed the tilted photography mode, to provide multiple options in shape, angle and bokeh size, to suit the scene, as well as developing the functions of photography filters in the portrait mode, to enable users to take perfect pictures through advanced technology. It can modify photo backgrounds and merge them with reality through black and white colors in an innovative way while preserving the skin color.

Mahmoud Taha, a spokesman for realme –Egypt, said that the modern imaging technology that the company has reached will change the interests of consumers around the world. For the first time, very advanced artificial intelligence technologies will be provided in the field of imaging within the middle price groups, stressing that the slogan “dare to leap” which Launched by the company, it expresses its future directions, and its vision for developing modern technologies.


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