Real Madrid News: Real Madrid x Celta Vigo .. Karim Benzema’s numbers are not optimistic


Karim Benzema – Real Madrid – La Liga

Sport 360 – Getting ready real Madrid To play a very important match tomorrow, Saturday, when he is a heavy guest on the “Pallaidos” stadium, for the 28th round of the tournament. La Liga.

ويروّل real Madrid French striker Karim Benzema must lead the team to victory, as he did in the last two matches against Elche and Atalanta, as he is the top scorer for the first team this season with 21 goals he scored in various tournaments.

Everything Benzema did in Real Madrid’s matches against Celta Vigo

But given Karim Benzema’s numbers against Celta Vigo, it does not seem to give much optimism at Real Madrid, where he played 15 matches in various tournaments and scored only 4 goals in his net.

Benzema failed to score at Celta Vigo in the last two matches that brought the two teams together, the first ended with a two-goal draw in the second leg of La Liga last season, and the second was won by Real with two clean goals in the first leg of the current season.

But the distinctive number of the French star is represented by his 5 goals against Celta Vigo, with a decisive pass every 3 matches, and he succeeded in shaking the net in the last two visits to the “Pallaidos” stadium.

Real Madrid beat Celta Vigo in 11 games played by Karim Benzema, while the team received only two defeats, and two games also ended in a draw.

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