Razer unveils the $ 200 Razer Anzu Smart Glasses


Razer unveiled the Razer Anzu smart glasses that come with support for wireless audio, and work to protect the user’s eyes from blue light, and it starts at a price of $ 200.

Razer Anzu smart glasses feature 35% blue light protection support for the user, as well as 99% secondary UVA / UVB lenses mimicking the sunglasses, the glasses also support touch control, and bluetooth-enabled audio that supports a transmission time as low as 60 milliseconds.

The user can control music playback and skip playback tracks via touch controls. Calls can also be received, or the digital assistant can be activated in smartphones with an omnidirectional microphone.

Razer Anzu smart glasses also support audio quality control and EQ adjustment via dedicated apps on the Android and iOS platform.

Razer also confirms that the smart glasses support a charging life of up to 5 hours each time a charge, also in the case of non-use, the battery can last for a charging life of up to approximately two weeks in standby mode.

And in the exterior design, the Razer Anzu smart glasses feature a waterproof frame, which can resist water splashes, and the glasses are also available in a rectangular or circular design for the frames, and they are also characterized by a weight of 48 grams, provided that the glasses are available to order now via the official Razer website.



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