Ray Basil ranks fourth in the World Cup Shooting


International marksman Ray Bassil won fourth place in the World Cup Shooting Competition hosted by the Egyptian capital Cairo, with the participation of archers and shooters from all over the world. Basil’s excellent result in the Olympic Shooting Competition “Trapp” came after she qualified for the finals. Here’s the final overall ranking:

1- Daria Simianova (Russia): 31 dishes

2- Fatma Galvez (Spain): 30

3.Ekaterina Subotina (Russia): 29

4- Ray Bassil (Lebanon): 27

5 – Sandra Bernal (Poland): 23

6.Maria Zubisaret A (Spain): 18

In this context, the President of the Olympic Committee and President of the Shooting and Hunting Federation Pierre Jalakh called Ramia Bassil and congratulated her on the distinguished result achieved in the World Cup and wished her success in the upcoming tournaments. It is noteworthy that Basil has previously qualified for the Summer Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo (Japan) next summer, and her third Olympic participation will be after the London Olympics – 2012 and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics – 2016.

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