Rashid Assaf criticizes the boldness in drama today and a harsh message to these actors “defect”!


Social networking sites were filled with a controversial statement by the Syrian actor Rashid Assaf, in which he spoke about the level of audacity in the scenes of the series that have become filmed in recent times.

And he said: “There is no shame in the series. We followed, and we see that so-and-so’s wife went with so-and-so and so-and-so went to sleep with so-and-so’s wife?

The Syrian artist added, “Even from an educational point of view, I smoke on the screen. I do not smoke, unless the role requires, I mean, following a seated person watching a series of things. The representative of Bushu shows what he smokes, subconsciously the one looking out for a cigarette and seeing smoke, the infection of laughter is an infection … Sadness is an infection … the tear is an infection, and smoke is an infection. “


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