Rare news- Asia receives the beautiful singer of her new films “Sabah” (photo) | news


Janet George Feghali, the sweet-sounding Lebanese girl, always dreamed of entering the field of art, especially singing, which she loved, and how many times her dream was frustrated, but she did not back down until she had the opportunity that transformed her from “Janet” to the artist Sabah, dubbed Shahroura, relative to her place of birth.

Sabah arrived in Cairo in 1943, after the Lebanese-born producer Assia Dagher decided to support her talent in Egypt, after a local fame that Sabouha had achieved in Lebanon, and she and her father were guests at Asya’s home in Cairo. “The Heart Has One” is the first film out of three that Asia had contracted with Sabah, in exchange for 150 pounds, with the wage increasing gradually.

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And when the Egyptian newspapers learned of the news of the arrival of the Shahrura to Egypt, Sabah was not known by the name, and it seems that Asya preferred to conceal her name as a kind of propaganda and suspense, as the news of her arrival was written as follows: “The arrival of the new singer for Asian films.”

“I arrived in Egypt from sister countries, the new beautiful singer with whom the movie star Mrs. Assia contracted to act and sing in some of the company’s films, which Mr. Barakat will direct for the next season, so we wish the beautiful confusion good luck and great success.”

Sabah or Janet Feghali was born in the Lebanese town of Badadoun, east of Beirut, on November 10, 1927, and she was the third among her siblings. She loved singing and acting since her childhood. , It exceeded the 3,500 songs and 87 films between Egyptian and Lebanese, and 27 Lebanese plays.

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