Ramez Jalal is threatened not to appear in Ramadan!


The Media Syndicate rejected the complaint filed by Ramez Jalal, the presenter of the landfill programs in Ramadan, via satellite TV mbc Egypt, confirming that he has not legalized his status yet and has not applied for membership in the Syndicate or a permit to practice the profession.

Ramez Jalal had filed a petition against the decision that the Syndicate had issued last Ramadan to prevent his appearance when he was presenting the “Ramiz Majnun Official” program, pointing out that the Syndicate rejected this petition, and therefore he is not entitled to appear in the next Ramadan until legalization Put it.

Ramez’s lawyer had confirmed that what Ramez presented is not a program like the talk shows that are subject to the laws of the Media Syndicate, but the Syndicate decided last Ramadan to prevent Ramez Jalal from appearing in any media, and it was found that he is not restricted or has a permit to practice the profession of media..

The Syndicate stated that Ramez Jalal is engaged in media activities as a presenter of a program via satellite mbcIt is directed to the Egyptian community, and bears the name of the Egyptian state, and by searching whether the aforementioned is registered with the Media Syndicate or has a permit to practice the profession, it turns out that he is not registered or has a permit to practice.

With this decision, Ramez Jalal is threatened not to appear next Ramadan if he does not legalize his status in the Media Syndicate, which could take legal action against him that could reach imprisonment.


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