Qatar records 469 new cases of “Corona” … and issues a decision regarding the travel of the vaccine recipient


direct: The Ministry of Public Health in Qatar announced the registration of 469 new confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health stated that the new infections include 405 local infections registered among community members and 64 cases among travelers returning from abroad who are subject to quarantine.

The Ministry of Health also recorded the recovery of 337 cases of the “Covid-19” virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of people recovering from the disease in the State of Qatar to 155,407 cases.

The ministry indicated that people who received the second dose of the anti-corona virus vaccine can travel and return to the State of Qatar without being subject to quarantine when returning from travel, provided that the vaccine is taken in the State of Qatar and a period of 14 days has passed from taking the second dose, whether the person spent in or outside Qatar.

The Ministry confirmed that people who received the second dose of the vaccine are considered exempt from quarantine after returning from travel, 14 days after they received the second dose, regardless of where they spent that period, whether in the State of Qatar or abroad.


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