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PUBG .. Watch the updates of the new version of PUBG New State


PUBG .. Watch PUBG New State Updates – Educate Me

The new version of PUBG New State is still in the pre-reservation stage, after the announcement by Tencent, which has been producing and developing the game since its release in 2017, to start pre-booking the new version of PUBG, provided that this version is temporarily free of charge, and the game is now available. On the Google Android smart phone application store via the famous Google Play app store, millions around the world who love the famous game can get more information about the new PUBG update via the Google Play store.

PUBG New State updates

The fierce competition between teams and factions continues to survive within the events of the new PUBG New State game, where the basic idea, like previous versions, is based on a main base of survival for the strongest, so the competition begins with a hundred players ending with all of them dying and only one person or team surviving .

The events of the new PUBG Mobile game take place about 30 years from now, where players are taken down at the beginning of the game in a new battlefield called Troi, and Tencent has supported the latest version with one of the latest lighting and graphics technologies, while providing very realistic graphics for characters and weapons. And battlefields, and the company has not forgotten to pay attention to smooth performance and the absence of any irritation or problems during the game.

As for weapons and equipment, it has moved to a new stage of development, as the PUBG New State version allows players to build and manufacture their own weapons themselves, and the company also provides different ways through which combat weapons are transferred, and among the new weapons and equipment comes the moving bunkers, which it described Several tech websites will permanently change the gameplay of the previous Battel Royal version of PUBG.

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