Pochettino seeks to cope with “phenomenal development” in “Saint-Germain”


Paris – 18 years after leaving the French capital club, Argentine Mauricio Pochettino returned to Paris Saint-Germain as a coach with the aim of leading him to continental glory in particular, but he must adapt to the “tremendous development” that has been achieved in the club since his departure and that “I also develop” according to What was reported yesterday, Monday, to “Agence France-Presse”.
After the decision to terminate his contract six months before his end, the fans of the Parisian club are unlikely to long for German coach Thomas Tuchel despite having led the team for the first time in his history to the Champions League final.
The German won the French League title in each of the two seasons he spent in coaching the team and scored a few months before his local quartet sacking, before marching the capital club to the historic continental final, which he lost to Bayern Munich.
But the Parisian club abandoned him at the end of the year and decided to use his former defender Pochettino, who did not win any title as a coach, but that does not diminish his importance and capabilities, and his former club Tottenham fans will remember him as the man who led the London club to finish the English Premier League between the first four for four consecutive seasons. And reaching the 2019 Champions League final.
He talked about his experience with Tottenham and reaching the Champions League final with him, where he lost to fellow Liverpool, noting that “we spent two years at Tottenham without signing with any player (because of the funding focus on building the new stadium) when we reached the final. But we have been here (in Saint-Germain) for only two months. ”
“At Tottenham, we got the time needed to develop something, and we reaped the fruits of it with a mixture of young and veteran players,” he said, “but the Saint Germain project was different for several years.” We will see how we will be able to create a different project from what we did in Tottenham, but with the same goal, which is to win titles. “
After missing a year from the training seats, the 49-year-old returned to the fore to be with a team that starred in its ranks as a player.
Pochettino, who briefly played alongside legend Maradona with Newell’s Old Boys and shared a room with him in the hotel during the team’s trips away from his stadium, was one of the stars of the central defense in Saint-Germain between 2001 and 2003, and returned early in the year to the club that won the league title in the three seasons The past has scored seven times in the last eight seasons.
And the Argentine realized since his arrival that things are not easy and the team has suffered two defeats in the league so far, but he is still in the heart of the struggle strongly as he is only two points behind the leaders night.
In his interview the day before yesterday with Agence France-Presse, the Argentine mentioned his first two months in Saint-Germain as a coach, saying, “During the two months, we experienced many difficult moments because we played 13 official matches with tremendous pressure. We also faced the “Corona” virus that we were infected with inside the club (he personally contracted it) at different times.
And he believed that “with the injuries in the club,” especially the Brazilian star Neymar, who had been absent from the team since early February but had returned to his individual training, “we had to adapt to daily developments.”
And about what he saw from a new reality in the Parisian club compared to what he was 18 years ago when he was a player in the team, Pochettino replied, “He has mostly kept the same features. It is clear that there has been a change compared to what was the situation nearly 20 years ago (with the transfer of ownership of the club to Qatar Sports Investments in 2011).
“For me, too,” he joked. My hair is no longer long but short (laughs). The development has been tremendous, but the most important thing is preserving the club’s identity, something that he must never lose. ”
Winning the Champions League is the main goal of the Qatari administration, and the Argentine made a promising start towards achieving it after defeating Barcelona in the last 4-1 home of Barcelona in the first leg of the final eight, hoping to benefit from this advantage when the Catalan club hosts next Wednesday.
Pochettino was asked whether the Brazilian sporting director Leonardo, who was behind Tuchel’s departure due to the difference of views between the two men, set a condition for him to win everything possible when hiring him to supervise the team, he replied, “With Leo, our understanding was good from the start.”
He explained, “When you are in Paris Saint-Germain, the responsibility is to win every match, so there is no need for him to tell me that, because this is in our DNA .. We also believe that the technical staff needs work and time, and the players need to adapt to a new philosophy and we adapt.” With them”.
And after last year was just around the corner from becoming the second French club to win the Champions League title after Marseille in 1993 before Bayern Munich denied it, Saint-Germain hopes to go one step further and win the title this season.
“It is clear that this club has the ambition to win the Champions League,” Pochettino said. Many other clubs are trying to win it as well, and they have invested a lot of money, but they cannot win it because it is not that easy. ”
The Argentine played, during his stay at the “Parc de Prince”, a role in leading Saint-Germain to fourth place in the league during his first season with him, and to the 2003 French Cup final, where he lost to Auxerre.
The team that was led by Brazilian star Ronaldinho in the front line did not live up to expectations at the time, which makes Pochettino aware of the magnitude of the hopes currently held with the current team of players the size of Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Argentinians Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi, or the Italians Marco Verratti and the newcomer Moise Kane. Despite his awareness of the scale of expectations and responsibility, Pochettino could not refuse to take over the task of overseeing the team when Leonardo called him, revealing, “We had lengthy conversations in which our vision was largely the same … We have assumed our responsibility and are trying to make the most of what we have without making major structural changes. Because the most important thing in the middle of the season is that we adapt and improve what we have. ” – (AFP)


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