Pictures showing Prince William “distressed” after receiving a call from Harry … and a friend revealing the details


British Prince Harry spoke to his older brother Prince William for the first time since he and his wife Meghan Markle gave Oprah Winfrey, but the conversation was not “constructive,” a friend of the couple said Tuesday..

During the March 7 CBS interview, Megan said that an unnamed member of the royal family asked how dark the complexion of her son Archie was when he was born, while Harry said that his father, heir to the throne Prince Charles, let him down and that he felt he was Trapped.

During an interview, last Thursday, Prince William said that he has not yet spoken to his brother, but that he intends to do so, and told reporters: “We are not a racist family at all.“.

Gail King, presenter of CBC This Morning, said she spoke to Harry and Meghan over the weekend and that a conversation took place between the two brothers..

And she said, “That’s right, Harry spoke to his sister and to his father as well, and what I heard is that his conversation with them was not constructive, but they are happy that at least they started a dialogue.“.

William’s office at Kensington Palace did not comment on King’s remarks.

Journalists took pictures of Prince William, on Tuesday, as he appeared anxious while driving his car in London, after King revealed that Harry had spoken with his brother and their father Charles for the first time after the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, according to what was published by the British “Daily Mail” website. .


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