Pictures Celebrating Theater: Rihani, Arrabal, and others


The “Tiro Arts Association” and “Istanbul Theater” celebrate the third anniversary of the establishment of the “Free Lebanese National Theater” in Tire (South Lebanon), coinciding with the “World Theater Day” on March 27th. The celebration will be a tribute to the pioneer of Arab theater, Najeeb Al-Rihani (1889-1949 / photo). However, given the current circumstances, the celebration will be organized via the Internet by broadcasting video clips of playwrights from around the world, including the Spanish writer Fernando Arrabal, in addition to presenting short theatrical, musical and cinematic performances on the occasion of the occasion. The celebration this year comes with the nomination of the «Arab Culture and Arts Network» (ACAN) project, launched by the «Tiro Arts Society», for the «World Summit on the Information Society 2021» awards.

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