Photo-exclusive – Ramy Ayyash renews his contract with Mazzika


Celebrated artistRami AyashTo renew his contract with a“On presenting a group of new singing works in the presence of producer Mohsen Jaber, and Ayyash signed with him at the company’s headquarters in Dokki.
Ayyash expressed his happiness with the renewal of the contract and stressed that this renewal comes as a continuation of the common success between him and Mohsen Jaber and Mazika, especially after the success of his latest album “Qissat Hob”, which was released in mid-2019 and included 10 diverse songs. Ayyash indicated that he will present to his fans in Egypt, Lebanon and the Arab world in His forthcoming works are distinct and different artistic surprises.
Mohsen Jaber also confirmed that he is happy to renew the contract with Rami Ayyash and indicated that he is one of the main pillars of Music and a prominent star in the Arab world, and stated that the company is keen to provide all the elements of success for him and that the coming period will witness many surprises that he is preparing now.


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