Organizers tend to exclude fans from attending the Tokyo Olympics


Japanese media announced, Thursday, that the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 tend to prevent foreign audiences from attending the upcoming summer games due to the Corona epidemic, while a decision in this regard is expected by the end of this March.
Several local media outlets, including the Yomiuri newspaper, indicated that the Japanese government, Tokyo, and the Olympic Organizing Committee support holding the upcoming sporting event between July 23 and August 8, in front of a local audience only. Officials fear the influx of foreign visitors could put Japanese fans hesitant about staging the Games at risk.
The Yomiuri newspaper stated that: With the continuing spread of the Corona virus in all countries, officials decided that allowing foreign visitors to attend on a large scale will only cause people’s concern.
On Wednesday, the new chairperson of the Olympic Organizing Committee, Seko Hashimoto, announced that the committee will make its decision before the end of this March regarding the attendance of foreign audiences to the event, and will decide the number of attendees in each competition by the end of next April.
Hashimoto said that the security of the Japanese is the priority, in an interview with reporters following her meeting with officials from the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese government and the metropolitan authorities in Tokyo.
Hashimoto indicated that the decision will be taken prior to the start of the Olympic torch relay on March 25, but statements by the organizers before and after the talks indicate that the decision is to exclude foreign audiences.
The president of the German International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, called for the organizers to focus on the main goal of the Games, while Japanese Olympiad Minister Tamayo Marukawa considered that there was a need for a cautious decision.
Tokyo is currently under a state of emergency, and sporting events are limited to 5,000 people attending the stands. This procedure will continue until March 7, but it is expected to be renewed for another two weeks, according to several Japanese media outlets. (Agencies)


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