On Mother’s Day … Ragheb Alama cries his wife Jihan on air (video)


Jihan Alama, the wife of Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama, was a guest on the “Good Morning Arabs” program, which is shown on the “Al Arabiya” channel. It turned out that she was hosted in the company of her eldest son Khaled on the occasion of Mother’s Day.During the meeting, scenes from her life were shown, accompanied by her family members, and the song “Remember Oh My Mother” was broadcast in the voice of her husband, while her two sons sent him a special greeting. This prompted her to be affected and cry.

In response to a question about whom she liked the most, she answered by saying that the family is divided into two groups: Louai, Ragheb and Khaled. She stated that her younger son is very similar to her and that Khaled inherited some temperaments from her as well.And about the reason for her crying, she said that she was affected when she recovered the scenes, and she remembered how she raised her two sons and how they grew up quickly. The video clip attracted the attention of a large number of followers who praised Jihan for maintaining her beauty despite the passage of years.

It is noteworthy that Ragheb posted a clip of “Remember, My Mother” on his own account on “Twitter” with a tweet in which he wrote: “The mother is a spring to the world and her first flower. Her heart is on her son and the judgment is turned on the stone. A greeting to every mother who dreamed that her children would grow up next to her, but they were forced to emigrate. “


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