On Mother’s Day, an exchange greeting between Qusay Khouli and Madiha al-Hamdani raises the confusion of the observers


It sparked a mutual greeting between the Syrian actorQusai KholiAnd his Tunisian wifeMadiha Al-Hamdani, Markingmother’s DayFollowers baffled, and wondered about the fate of their relationship after all the disputes and accusations that took place between them.
And Qusay, on his own page on the social networking site, published a greeting card through which he directed to all mothers, and he was remarkable for his comment on it. He wrote: “Every year, mothers of the world are fine.
And the surprise was Madiha’s response to him, when she wrote: “Thank you, Father of the Spirit, and you are a thousand good and safe.
Followers focused on the use of Qusai and Madiha in their commentaries the phrases “mother of my son” and “father of the soul”, and wondered if they were separated in a friendly way.


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