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The obese people who suffer from obesity, after being vaccinated against the coronavirus, form antibodies with fewer or 3 times less number of antibodies than it is among those who do not face this problem.
Such a conclusion came to the Italian scientists who studied the immunity of 250 volunteer doctors who had received the “Pfizer” vaccine. The scientists published the results of their study on the medical scientific site medRxiv.
And an article published by the scientists stated that all the participants in the experiment, after receiving a second dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine, began to produce immunity against the Corona virus. However, the density of the volunteers differed, and the antibodies increased in women and young men who had a low index of obesity. As for those who were obese and overweight, their blood levels of antibodies decreased significantly.
A team of doctors at the Italian Cancer Institute headed by Aldo Venotti monitored the effect of the BNT162b2 vaccine developed by Pfizer on 250 volunteers. They all received two doses of the vaccine with a 3-week difference, and then the scientists took blood samples from the volunteer doctors to determine the amount of antibodies in it.
The scientists said that the immune response was formed in all of the participants in the experiment except for one volunteer doctor. The amount of antibodies in the overwhelming majority (93.2%) of them was very large. As for their density, they mainly depended on the sex, age and weight of the volunteers.
The scientists recorded a greater number of antibodies in women and young adults. As for the elderly and obese, who were overweight and obese, the proportion of antibodies in their blood was twice or 3 times less than the youth and non-obese.
Scientists assumed that the reason for this was due to the frequent appearance of chronic infections that affect the work of T cells in the obese body. They also did not rule out that the reason is due to a difference in the microenvironment of the intestine and other factors.
In the opinion of d. Vinotti, that the experience he conducted with his colleagues will help in the optimal distribution of vaccines and the protection of people most vulnerable to “Covid-19”.

Source: Dice


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