Nora Fathy … a Moroccan artist who breaks into the world of Bollywood and soars


Nora Fathy won, which dazzled an audience Bollywood With new dances that mix between the spirit of the East and the modernity of the West, a very wide fame inside and outside India, especially after her participation in the song “Delbar”, which entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the first Arab and African artist to break the one billion viewership on the site. The YouTube.

In the first comment by the director of the artist, Noura Fathi, on this achievement, Amin Al-Hinnawi confirmed in a statement to Sky News Arabia that the new record comes to reinforce other numbers, among them Noura Fathi issues to the Instagram platform, as the first Arab artist in terms of the number of followers with 23 million followers.

Al-Hinnawi highlights that he overlooks the song “DilbarThe one billion mark was not surprising, given the track of the song, which garnered more than twenty million views in twenty-four hours, when it was launched on YouTube in 2018.

From Hollywood to Bollywood

Noura Fathy was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1989, in the support of an immigrant family of Moroccan origin.

After completing her studies, she decided to enter the world of fame and lights, driven by various artistic talents such as dancing, acting and singing. But Canada did not provide it with a suitable climate to allow its energies to explode. She was forced to choose a second destination to pursue her dreams, meaning Los AngelesThe dreamers city of fame across the Hollywood gateway. And for the second time, Noura Fathi will be lucky to miss his date.

After she was about to return to Canada, a production company suggested to her that she go to India to do auditions in a program.

It was not easy to accept the idea in light of the language barrier and the geographical dimension. But the young woman’s ambition to fame prompted her to embark on an adventure.

And in India, which she arrived at the age of twenty, Noura launched her career by appearing in some television advertisements and participating in fashion shows, before she put an imprint on the successful passage of the most famous reality TV program in the country, which caught the attention of Bollywood producers and directors.

Lust Dilbar

And in 2014, Noura Fathi entered the world of Bollywood through her participation in the movie “Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans” and then the work went on to the movie Satyameva Jayate, in which she performed her famous dance in the song “Delbar”.

The global success achieved by this song is attributed to the Moroccan artist, who captured all the scenes of the work and won a large share of the positive comments of the Indian audience, who applauded the new style that this artist introduced to Indian dance.

This creative and renewed touch of Noura Fathy enabled her to transform intoArtistic phenomenonSome Bollywood stars have shook their thrones, especially as she is fluent in Hindi.

Thanks to her talent in choreography, she was also able to reach the jury for the show “Best Dancer in India”, which is watched by millions of viewers.

Amin Al-Hinnawi, Director of Noura Fathi’s works, confirms that the latter is very keen on selecting works that add new to its artistic balance, as it adopts “a policy of quality rather than quantity.”

Moroccan identity and passion

Although she grew up in Canada, Noura Fathi presents herself as a Moroccan artist proud of her identity, and she is constantly keen to publish Moroccan culture in India.

This was evident on many occasions, especially after its decision in 2018 to re-perform the song “Delbar” in the Moroccan dialect.

In this work, she collaborated with the Moroccan group Fnaire, which added its own touch to the introduction of Moroccan rhythm rhythms. In the video clip, which was filmed in India, symbols of the Moroccan identity were used, such as Tangyeh, which represents the most famous cooking pot in Marrakesh.

Speaking to “Sky News Arabia”, Amin Al-Hinnawi describes that, through this work of art, Noura Fathy inaugurated a cultural bridge between Morocco and India.

He confirms that the young artist is always keen to appear as “Morocco’s artistic ambassador in.” IndiaIt evokes her pride in her Moroccan roots and culture in major Indian programs and also, her eagerness to wear the Moroccan caftan on many occasions.


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