News: The Financial Meltdown: Bankers are raking in fantastic profits


News: Workers in the financial sector also talk about the participation of bank owners in checking checks to secure personal profits, not profits exclusively for banks. Cash billions, they buy checks in virtual dollars (3 thousand pounds for one dollar), then sell checks for 3900 pounds per dollar, recording net profits of 900 pounds per dollar, which they use to buy (real) cash dollars from the market.

The sources confirm that a number of bank owners make profits of no less than 100,000 dollars in cash each day. Speculative operations, through which they accumulate fantastic profits, which they can transfer abroad on the basis that they are “fresh dollars” without restrictions.

These accumulated wealth at the expense of the rest of society (each additional collapse of the exchange rate of the lira is reflected in price inflation, which means a direct tax paid by the general population, poured into the pockets of speculators, not into the public treasury), added to the money that had previously smuggled abroad, when it appeared They have signs of collapse in the past years.

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