News 24 | Learn about the “Meethaq” platform launched by the Public Pension Agency


Public Pension AgencyToday (Monday), the Public Pension Agency launched the “Meethaq” platform and subscriber services, to provide services to government agencies under the slogan “Covenant, commitment and reliability”

The new platform works to accurately calculate the period of service of public sector employees, supply pension deductions for the period of service, and ensure that the public sector employee receives a full retirement pension.

Meethaq also introduces a number of new electronic services; They are: reviewing the job, personal and financial data and the possibility of updating them, and objecting to such data, verifying its validity and raising its quality.

In addition to the service of inquiring about a subscriber by verifying participation in the civil and military retirement systems, and updating contact information by adding personal data such as mobile number and e-mail.


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