News 24 | Kattan tells the story of Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s deception of the Americans .. That is why King Fahd swore not to spend the Washington ambassador in Riyadh (video)


Ahmed KattanThe Minister of State for African Countries Affairs, Ahmed Qattan, reviewed a position that required the expulsion of the American ambassador from the Kingdom, after the success of a deception plan led by Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

He explained, during his meeting with the “In the Picture” program on the “Gulf Rotana” channel, that the story began when Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Prince Khalid bin Sultan were assigned to purchase Chinese missiles for the benefit of the Kingdom, as Israel reported its objection to the United States with every visit of Prince Bandar bin Sultan to Beijing.

He added that Bandar bin Sultan was able to convince the Americans that his frequent travel to China in order to buy a missile deal to support Iraq in the face of Iran during the first Gulf War, which he succeeded in until the missiles reached the lands of the Kingdom, then to confirm to Washington that the deal was in the interest of the Kingdom.

Kattan said that after filming the missiles in the Kingdom, Washington sent a delegation to protest in the presence of the American ambassador, who spoke about what he should not speak in front of the late King Fahd bin Abdulaziz, which made the latter swear not to stay in Riyadh, so that the American ambassador would go to the eastern region before he was done Expel him from the kingdom.


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