News 24 | Al-Hussaini: The outlook is promising for the precipitation … and the return of cold weather to Riyadh on Saturday


Riyadh rainsWeather and climate researcher Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini said that the long and medium-term forecasts bode well for precipitation in the Kingdom during the coming period.

Al-Hussaini added in an intervention with the “Saudi” channel, that the Riyadh region, including the capital, will tend to cool down from tomorrow evening (Saturday), indicating that the expected decrease in temperature will reach some areas to 6 degrees Celsius.

He pointed out that the decrease in temperatures will begin gradually in the northern borders and Al-Jawf, and will extend (Friday) to Hail, Qassim, then Al-Sharqiya and Riyadh, indicating that the Kingdom is currently living in a climate-volatile transition period.

The National Center of Meteorology had predicted ھBob winds that cause dust and dust to limit the horizontal visibility today (Friday), to be accompanied by a significant decrease in temperatures in the northern border areas, Al-Jawf and Hail.


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