News 24 | After the cabinet decision … what are the goals and tasks of the Public Health Authority “Weqaya”


 What are the objectives and tasks of the Public Health Authority "protection" The Public Health Authority “Weqaya” clarified what are the goals and tasks that await after Yesterday (Tuesday) the Cabinet’s decision to convert it from a center under the name of “the National Prevention Center” to a body.

The authority stated that its objectives are to protect and promote public health, prevent disease, and raise public readiness to respond to public health emergencies by organizing efforts between the relevant authorities.

She indicated that she also has 14 missions waiting for her, the most prominent of which are:

Developing policies, plans, programs and initiatives in the field of public health.

Preparing preparedness plans for public health emergencies in coordination with the competent authorities locally and internationally.

Monitor, investigate and follow up risks and diseases threatening public health.

Adopting safety and preventive care measures for public health risks and combating them.

Preparing professional standards for public health.

Create a database on infectious diseases, epidemics, and public health risks.

Proposing scientific solutions to health problems and public health risks.

– Warning priorities for technology transfer for the manufacture of medicines, vaccines and vaccines and developing them, especially anti-virus.

Accreditation of qualified evaluators for accreditation tasks related to the authority’s jurisdiction.

Approving public health laboratories’ policies and procedures.

Accreditation of laboratories specialized in the fields of public health.

Establishing and operating biological safety laboratories of the third and fourth levels and laboratories that include all its specializations.

Approving procedures for referring and transferring samples between public health laboratories for the governmental and private sectors.

Representing the Kingdom in regional and international bodies and organizations in the Authority’s field of competence.

The Council of Ministers issued a decision yesterday evening (Tuesday) to approve the transformation of the “National Center for Disease Protection and Control” into a public body called the “Public Health Authority”.

 What are the objectives and tasks of the Public Health Authority "protection"


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