News 24 | A member of “Shura” reveals a new system that specifies an amount of 5 million as an upper limit for blood money … and these are its details (video)


Member "Shura" It reveals a new system that sets a maximum amount of 5 million blood moneyA member of the Shura Council, Dr. Sultan Al Farah, revealed that there is a new draft system awaiting voting by the members of the Council that includes determining blood money for blood money at an amount of 5 million riyals as a maximum for the first time.

Al Farah explained during his meeting with the “Ya Hala” program on the “Rotana Khaleejia” channel, that the system project came because of the exaggeration in blood money by the people of blood and the tribal councils.

And he indicated that it contains 21 articles that work to put a ceiling on blood money of 5 million riyals, to be doubled if the violation is repeated.

He added that the project includes several bodies, including the Ministries of Interior and Justice, the Public Prosecution, the Central Bank, as well as the Islamic and Judicial Committee in the Council, indicating that all parties agreed on the importance of this system.

He pointed out that after preparing the project from the financial and economic side, it was attended by a legal specialist and another legal specialist, who specializes in other judicial and legal authorities, indicating that the council has approved the suitability of the project and a vote is expected within the next two weeks.


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