News 24 | A “health” spokesman: Preventive measures and the application of “Tawakolna” reduced the spread of the Coronavirus by 86% in Medina


Mohammed Al-Abd Al-AaliThe official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, confirmed the success of the precautionary and preventive measures that the ministry implemented in cooperation with the concerned authorities in reducing the number of cases of Coronavirus infection in Medina by 86%.

He referred to the effective role played by the Saudi Authority and Artificial Intelligence (SADAA) in supporting these efforts, through the adaptation of technology to epidemiological control and the accompanying tightening of precautionary measures and measures, in addition to the need to prove the health status by applying our trust in government business headquarters and centers. Commercial.

He explained that the experience of combating the Corona virus in Medina through the use of technology is one of the most successful experiences at the regional and international levels, indicating that the region was passing through epidemic curves that warn of the dangers of some of its cities reaching and maintaining foci that lead to an increase in the number of infected cases, as a result of some negligence in adhering to the measures. Preventive.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health stated that after two months of tightening preventive measures and applying proof of health status through our trust, the curve of injuries has decreased by more than 86% in a record time.


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