New remote work features in Google Workspace


Last update: 2 – March – 2021 1:46 PM

Google has added quite a few new features to Google Workspace, including new tools to categorize your focus time in Google Calendar and Google Chat, and better ways to join video conferencing in Google Meet with multiple devices.

It’s also taking its dedicated Google Workspace voice assistant out of beta and making it publicly available.

The company is trying to categorize these features as part of a new push for what it calls “equal collaboration,” and for Google, it’s a way of explaining the tools it is trying to create so that people who work from home are not put at a disadvantage compared to people who work from the office.

In addition to setting up out-of-office and work hours, users will also be able to create a new event type called focus time.

And when you set up focus time, Google says: This limits notifications, and you can also set your location, allowing your co-workers to get a better idea of ​​your presence and time zone.

According to Google, various Workspace tools are aware of your current condition and location and adjust notifications to suit you.


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