New features launched by Google soon, what are they? In my country


Citizen – translated by: Omar Raafat

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Google announced new features for Android smartphone users, including Google Maps’ dark mode and the ability to schedule text messages, according to the British Daily Express.

New features from Google:

And there is some good news for those with an Android smartphone, as she announced The Google Just about a bunch of new features that are scheduled to arrive on phones in the coming months, and the features are designed to improve the system and enhance security.

Google has published a blog containing six new changes for its users around the world, and perhaps the best thing about those changes is the ability to schedule sending a text message, and this update basically allows sending a message and then determining when to send it.

Other new features:

Google says: that users can use this feature by typing a message, then pressing and holding the send button to specify the date and time of its delivery, and to take advantage of the scheduled texts, the user will need to download the messages or update to the version that follows this version.

Another new feature that arrives as part of these changes is Google Maps that you get will have a dark mode feature, and this should make things a little easier on the eyes when trying to navigate from one area to another for those who have a phone that has an OLED screen, such as iPhone 12 or Galaxy 21, and they may also find that it saves little battery life, and this is due to the way OLED screens work, which do not require any power to display their content.
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