New facts about “Al-Jabri” corruption: his wife, children, and companies affiliated with him were involved


Riyadh (Echo):

New information has emerged about the facts of the civil lawsuit filed by the Technology Control Company against Saad al-Jabri, accusing him of masterminding a fraud in which no less than 21 conspirators participated in 13 jurisdictions, including his wife, children, relatives, friends, and companies affiliated with him.

This came with the aim of seizing at least 3.5 billion dollars, using companies that were established more than 10 years ago as a cover for Saudi Arabia’s war on terrorism, according to the British newspaper “The Financial Times”.

The lawsuit against Al-Jabri before the High Court of Justice in Ontario, Canada, revealed that he used his position in the Ministry of the Interior to establish entities to conduct counterterrorism activities, but instead used them in a fraudulent scheme to steal billions of dollars.


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