New developments in the case of an Egyptian killed by 5 bullets at the hands of a Saudi … and the manpower is intervening


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The Minister of Manpower, Muhammad Saafan, followed up with the Ministry’s Labor Representation Office at the Egyptian Consulate General in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, compensation and benefits for the decimal worker Muhammad Hussein, who was killed after being hit by five bullets from a Saudi person’s pistol after a quarrel broke out between them, and his nephew, Hussein Sami Muhammad, was also injured Awad with a bullet in the right arm when trying to defend his uncle during the fight, as well as continuing to ship the body in coordination with the consulate and provide the Ministry with a report on this as soon as the other circumstances are known.

The Minister assigned the labor attaché in Riyadh to visit the injured person in the hospital and follow up on his condition in an up-to-date manner, informing him of his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, and may God inspire them patience and solace, and assure him that the Ministry and the consulate are fully pursuing all their rights as a result of the assault incident.

Haitham Saad Eddin, the official spokesperson and media advisor to the Ministry of Manpower, stated that the minister received an urgent report via the labor attaché, Ahmed Rajaei, head of the Labor Representation Office in Riyadh, in which he indicated that the worker who was killed is called Usha Muhammad Hussain and his nephew Hussein Sami Muhammad Awad, who was shot from Minya Governorate, Maghagha Center, Sons of Sheikh village, indicating that the Saudi authorities have arrested the perpetrator and is currently under investigation, and the General Consulate in Riyadh is following up on the progress of investigations, as well as the office following up the case of the injured, and preserving the rights of Egyptian workers.

The labor attaché, Ahmed Rajai, indicated that the consulate immediately dispatched its legal advisor to the criminal investigation, the prosecution, forensic medicine and the hospital, in order to follow up the progress of investigations and identify the circumstances of the accident, after the Saudi authorities succeeded in arresting the perpetrator shortly after the accident.

The consulate also closely monitors the health condition of the injured citizen, confirms that it will continue to follow the case with interest and provide all legal support, and expresses its sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and the Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia.

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