Nawal Al-Zoghbi talks about her suffering from a medical error in her face … ‘I cried in front of the mirror’


In the confrontation between journalist Nishan Derhautyunyan and star Nawal Al Zoghbi, which will soon be shown on MBC’s “frankness” program, the latter reveals that she did not consider herself a beautiful woman, then she asks him about vanity, slaps received, and life lessons. Nishan answers about the topic of jealousy in his life, and Nawal insists that she get an answer, then she admits that there is an artist who is jealous of her, and describes her as sweeping.Nawal stops when she suffers from a medical error in her face, cries in front of the mirror, and is annoyed by the criticisms that she has received because of this medical error, without the critics realizing how much she suffered from this problem.

On the other hand, Nawal admits that it was failure that made her a mature woman, and that it was faith that strengthened her. Nawal Nishan is surprised by a shocking confession regarding family, marriage and engagement, before she takes him on a trip to the future and puts him in front of a mirror of obsessions and fear of the future and of getting old alone, and she asks him where he will be after the screen lights go out and turn away from him.


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