Nawal Al-Zoghbi: After my divorce, I felt my soul returned to my body .. And a medical mistake made my face


The Lebanese actress, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, revealed the psychological complex that had accompanied her throughout her life, and said: “I did not consider myself a girl who is not sweet and a woman who is not beautiful, and when they began to talk about my beauty, this complex faded.”Nawal Al-Zoghbi’s knot
“The sweetness of the soul is very important, and when it appears in front of the camera, I will have a frightening enthusiasm, and I feel happy and happy,” she added during her meeting with Nishan’s program “Honestly With” on MBC1.

Post-divorce stage
Nawal Al-Zoghbi indicated that after the divorce, she felt a psychological relief, as if the soul had returned to her body again, pointing out that she was one of the strong characters that did not like anyone to see her cry.

Medical error in her face
“Al-Zoghbi” revealed that she had suffered a medical error in her face that prompted her to stay at home for a year and not see anyone, adding: “I took medication while I was getting infections, and when I fell asleep, I was still angry and sad because of the medical problem on my face.”

Tears and a bad psychological state
And she continued: “My tears fell when I saw my face that was very bright and had problems, and I was afraid that someone would say that I was blowing and shit even though I did not need this, and I cried and my psyche was destroyed, and I said I want to return to the beautiful Nawal Al-Zoghbi.”

Nawal Al Zoghbi recently released her new song, My Mind, Stop, which has achieved wide resonance since its launch, and the name Nawal Al Zoghbi has returned to the top of the search indicators on Google, a desire from her fans and followers to elucidate information about the artist and watch her new video.

And one of the most searched information from followers was the age of Nawal Al-Zoghbi, especially in light of her distinctive permanent look, which shows that she maintains her grace.

Nawal Al Zoghbi, 49, is a Lebanese singer who holds Canadian citizenship and has been dubbed “the Golden Star”, and is one of the most famous Lebanese singers in the Arab world.

And in a phone call to her yesterday on the “MBC Egypt” channel, the Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi, the journalist Amr Adeeb, joked on the air, saying: “I miss my heart, my love.

Amr Adeeb responded during the “Al-Hekaya” program broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” channel: “You too miss me very much, and your new song,” Aqli Waqf, “is crazy and dancing and working in a high Owe job.

And the artist Nawal Al-Zoghbi commented: “I love the Egyptian ritem, and up to now, I think of me as an Egyptian, and I am honored to be Egyptian.”

Nawal Al-Zoghbi pointed out that the clip of her new song “Aqli Waqf” was delayed due to Corona, and she preferred to be on stage in the form of a show, despite the risks of filming in Lebanon in light of the spread of Corona, but things passed peacefully without anyone being injured.

She added, “I downloaded an album for two years and only two songs succeeded, so I am more interested in the quality and the quality than the quantity.”

Amr Adeeb joked with Nawal Al-Zoghbi, saying: “Despite your age of 30 or 31, but be cheerful in dancing, grace and beauty … How do you maintain your figure and beautiful face? What is the secret?” And the one who sees me see what gives me more than 28 years and I have innovative skin and maintain my health. ”

Nawal Al-Zoghbi added, “The Lebanese people are known to love life. We are a kidnapped and imprisoned people in our country, and we are going through the most difficult stage in the history of Lebanon, but we love life, even if we do not have expenses, we want to sing and dance.”

The Lebanese star, Nawal Al Zoghbi, released her new song “Aqli Waqf” on the YouTube video site.

The song is written by: Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by: Ahmed Zaim, distribution: Wissam Abdel Moneim, guitar: Mustafa Nasr, directed by: Fadi Haddad.

Nawal Al-Zoghbi recently promoted her new song “Aqli Waqf”, and posted a video clip in which she hums at some of the lyrics of the song through her account on the Twitter microblogging site.

It is noteworthy that “Nawal” participated in the Ramadan race 2020 with the series “Sultana Al Moez” starring Ghada Abdel Razek, and in the Ramadan race before last, she also participated in the series “For the Highest Price” starring Nelly Karim, and achieved great success.

And the latest work of “Nawal Al Zoghbi” is the album “Keda Bay” which it launched last year, produced by Rotana and the album included 12 clips.

It should also be noted that Nawal Al-Zoghbi directed harsh criticism of the government of her country, Lebanon, in the recent period, following the bombing of the Beirut port, which occurred in the Lebanese capital early last August, which resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injured.

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