Nawal Al-Kuwaiti sends a message to her fans at home


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Nawal Al-Kuwaiti She sent a message to her fans in the Arab world due to her long absence from the music scene and her lack of any concerts, as she explained the details of this absence and a date for her return.

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti to her fans: “Excuse me, my love, the conditions are difficult.”

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti published through her account on “Twitter“A tweet that I directed to her large audience in the Gulf and the Arab world apologizing for her long absence from them, as the artist did not appear in the past period and did not communicate with her fans through her accounts on social media, and the Kuwaiti artist confirmed that she misses her fans and wants to return and sing for them, as she requested That her fans excused her because of this long absence, stressing that the Corona virus crisis is one of the reasons that led to this absence, and she wished that it would pass well. May God infect her with good, God willing. “
Nawal Al-Kuwaiti responds to her fans and appears in a live broadcast

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti also revealed her return soon in an exceptional appearance in a live broadcast for the public to see, and confirmed that the date of this broadcast will be in the coming days, so Nawal Al-Kuwaiti wrote: “I will surely be with you. Artist Nawal Al-Kuwaiti with her tweet, and among them was the artist Dalia Mubarak, who expressed her longing for her colleague, so she wrote: “Tannourine Al-Dunya or Hanin Al-Ghalia, we miss you and we missed you.” .

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti released on the 60th Kuwaiti National Day a new patriotic song titled “Khallak Smouh” which is a song from Badr Al-Borsli’s words, composed by Meshaal Al-Arouj, and distributed by Mishari Al-Yatim. .

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti was scheduled to participate in a concert last February in the United Arab Emirates and was identified on the “Khorfakkan” runway in the Emirate of Sharjah, but due to the precautionary measures taken by the United Arab Emirates, it was decided to postpone the concert. In a statement to her that the ceremony has not been completely canceled, but has been postponed until a new date is set for it in the coming period. The tickets will be refunded directly to your bank account. Thank you very much, “and the artist Nawal Al Kuwaiti was hoping to meet her in Sharjah after 3 years of absence from holding any public concerts there.

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