Nancy Ajram talks about her mother’s pride in her and a funny attitude that brought them together in her childhood


The Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram attracted the audience to her new song, which she dedicates to her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

On her own page on social media, Nancy published a number of videos in which she talked about many of the secrets of her relationship with her mother, and said: “When my mother saw me for the first time singing at a party, she felt that the world could not accommodate her, and even her eyes were speaking.”

As for the situation in which she thinks her mother is proud of her, Nancy said: “When I am on stage and my mother comes to me directly and watches the audience’s interaction and love for me, I sure feel that she is proud of me.”

On the other hand, Nancy recounted a funny situation that brought her together with her mother in her childhood, indicating that she learned to walk at the age of two years, and heard her mother tell her neighbor about this, so she looked to her and spoke, saying, “What is the name of God?” For her mother to laugh because she did not expect her two-year-old daughter to say something like this.


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