Najwa Karam provokes the Lebanese after obtaining the golden residency in the Emirates


The Lebanese actress Najwa Karam announced her golden residency in the country UAEAnd by doing so, she joins many Arab and international celebrities.

Najwa Karam and the golden residency

Najwa Karam published a tweet on Twitter, in which she said: “I was honored today to receive the“ golden residency ”from the sisterly Emirates, may God bless its leadership. And its people, I happened to be my birthday, and joy became two. ”

Najwa Karam also attached her tweet to the link of her song “Zayed Glory”, which she released earlier this year as a gift to her Emirati audience.

Najwa Karam also published on her personal account on the “Instagram” site a group of photos documenting her receipt of the golden residency and putting an electronic fingerprint on it, in the presence of a candy mold with a flag Lebanon And the Emirates together.

The invasion and criticism of the cream of the crop

And were subjected The Lebanese artist Najwa Karam for sharp criticism from the Lebanese who saw her accepting the golden residency, leaving her homeland. They reminded her of her statements, during which she declared her refusal to sing in a Lebanese dialect, as an expression of her patriotism.

Others mentioned the normalization of the Emirates with Israel. One of them wrote sarcastically: “Congratulations, we hope that you will get the heck and the desire of the rest of the Zionists, all of them, Lord.”

Another wrote: “By mentioning Najwa, she refused to sing non-Lebanese under the pretext of patriotism.”

Another pointed out the situation in Lebanon, and wrote: “Lebanon has reached a bad stage to the point where Najwa Karam herself rejoices in residency.”

Another wrote: “Dubai has become Beirut, artists, thinkers, journalists, scholars, the capital of the Arabs … and Beirut is no longer Beirut.”

The UAE policy is unfair

While others criticized the UAE’s policy of granting golden residency to artists and their glorification, a songwriter wrote: “What about doctors who sacrifice? Are they not the first to pray with their lives every day in light of this crisis ?! ”

Another expressed his feeling of injustice, and wrote: “Ok, is it possible. I have lived 20 years of my life, grown up my children, and learned in the Emirates. Do I have residency?” He canceled it for me because she was 6 months old without entering the country, and Najwa is just a road rogue, and she could not have taken a golden residency other than when Lebanon was destroyed? it is not fair”.

Awais Al-Enezi ridiculed the UAE’s policy and wrote: “The UAE grants Lebanese nuclear medicine and nuclear medicine scientist Najwa Karam the golden residency.”

Another commented: “If you find a nation that glorifies frivolous artists, frivolous actors, and famous people who have no content and nothing, know that its end is painful.”

The last opinion agreed, saying: “Mashallah, the golden residences went to the scum of society, for the singer, singer, dancer and actor.”

Famous People Received ‘Golden Residency’

Many celebrities and artists have already obtained a “golden residency” in the Emirates, most notably the Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. And the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, the Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama, the Lebanese journalist Annabella Hilal, and the Tunisian artist Latifa.

It is worth noting that in 2019, the UAE announced the launch of a new system called “Golden Residency” intended for non-Emiratis.

The “golden residency” also depends on the system of long-term residence visas, for five or ten years, which are automatically renewed, when the same conditions are met. And that is for certain groups that include investors, entrepreneurs, and those with specialized talents.

The golden residency allows its holder to enjoy a long-term residence without the need for an Emirati sponsor, with 100% ownership within the Emirates. This is in contrast to the convention, which stipulates the necessity of having a local partner with a share of not less than 51% in business and investment projects within the Emirates of the state.

The ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid, said in tweets at the time on Twitter: “Brothers and sisters… today we approved granting golden residency to residents, for a period of 10 years.”

The categories that could be included in the “golden residency” came as follows: “All holders of doctorate degrees – all doctors – engineers. In the fields of computer engineering, electronics, programming, electricity and biotechnology – the outperformance of accredited universities in the country with a score of 3.8 and more.

It also includes those with specialized degrees in artificial intelligence, big data, or epidemiology and viruses – in addition. High school students in the country with their families.

Mohammed bin Rashid said at the time, “This is a first payment, and other payments will follow later.”

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