Muhammad Khair al-Jarrah: I will not participate in “Bab Al-Hara” and I insist on introducing the character of “Abu Badr”


The Syrian star Muhammad Khair al-Jarrah revealed in an exclusive interview with “My Lady Net” that he will not participate in any season of the series “Bab Al-Hara”, whose eleventh part was filmed a while ago under the management of “Qaband Media” and it is written by Marwan Kawouk and directed by Muhammad Zuhair Rajab. .
Al Jarrah revealed in an interview with “Madam Net”: “Bab Al Hara is over for me and has become a thing of the past, but I insist on submitting work related to the“ Abu Badr ”character, who has achieved wide fame, but it will certainly not be in the world of“ Bab Al Hara ”, especially with the current form that is presented “.

Muhammad Khair al-Jarrah with the character of Abu Badr

Muhammad Khair al-Jarrah pointed out that he is currently watching the filming of the series “Nsunji Balhalal”, describing the work as a new and different experience, and he said: “The work is light and funny, and we took longer than usual to film it due to the spread of the Corona epidemic.”
Al-Jarrah also mentioned that he was a guest on the series “350 Grams”, accompanied by the stars Abed Fahd and Saloum Haddad.
And about its newness, Al-Jarrah revealed that he is preparing to participate in a huge work, which is “On the Bittersweet” with the participation of stars from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

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