Muhammad Huneidi comments on Turki Al-Sheikh’s poll on Korean pop groups – in photo


The head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, the advisor and poetTurki Al-SheikhPolling his followers about which K-pop group would they like to watch at a party? And there are four teams: “BTS, BlackPink, Super Junior, EXO”, and he explained in a second post on his official page on the social networking site, saying: “This is a referendum so that if the world opens, we have a background for the most in demand and we will be ready.”
One of the most prominent commentators was the Egyptian actor Mohamed Heneidy, who chose BTS. He responded in his usual light way, saying: “There will be a need if we bring the four, and we prophesy what will happen.”
Then, in another comment, he accompanied him with a picture of his role “Mohi Al-Sharqawi” in the movie Great China Beans: “In the message of the audience, I want to deliver it to you … I want after the Riyadh concerts … you agree with them on a tour in the Arab world, millions of Armenians will come to you.”


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