Muhammad Hamdi Zaki to “The Seventh Day”: Al-Ahly deprived me of the national team … and my goal in Ismaili is my consideration.


A loss in Ismaili means the coach will leave, so I asked to leave
My joining Al-Ahly deprived me of the national team and I was subjected to injustice
The league champion will remain obscure until the last 5 weeks
Al-Ahly does not need nothing to lose it, and the contractors are not a small team
The Zamalek trio negotiated with me in the national team, but I fell for my family
Barakat is my idol, and joining the national team is difficult outside the poles
I made my stardom with the brigadier general, and he admitted, thanks to Ali Maher, and Al-Nahas collected all the advantages

From Qaim Al-Thaghr Castle, he shone and starred with Al-Ittihad of Alexandria to attract the attention of the national team and Al-Ahly club, and although luck did not support him by getting an opportunity to participate with the red team, he shone outside the walls of the Red Castle and proved his efficiency again, Mohamed Hamdi Zaki The star of the Arab Contractors and one of the most influential elements of the current season, he opened his heart for the seventh day, to talk about the scenes of his joining Al-Ahly and his retreat in Ismaili, the secret of brilliance with the mountain wolves, and many things in the following dialogue:

What is the secret of your brilliance with the contractors this season?

The technical staff led by Imad Al-Nahhas has a great role with the players, it constantly draws our attention to mistakes and supports the positive aspects, in addition to the state of technical stability and the system, these things I did not find in Ismaili at all because things were not completely stable, every few days a coach is changed and the method is changed Playing a coach who is convinced of your abilities and another who is not convinced, and the agreement of the players in the contractors also helped me a lot, because the players have been in harmony with each other for some time and support any new player.

Hamdi Zaki (3)
Hamdi Zaki (3)

And in your opinion, what is the secret of the Ismaili’s retreat from a long time ago?

Instability is the main reason, I was with Ismaily for one season, and despite the suspension of activity for a period during which due to Corona, about 6 or 7 coaches changed for us, defeat means changing the coach.

How do you see your chance of joining the national team after your star in the contractors?

Any player wishing to play for the national team, especially since I was with the national team before, and I strive to come back again and I hope to continue to perform well in order to join the team and convince the technical staff and not be good in two or three games only.

Hamdi Zaki (2)
Hamdi Zaki (2)

Do you see that players outside Al-Ahly and Zamalek have a chance with the national team?

I think that The player is outside Al-Ahly and Zamalek He is more pressured to join the national team, he has to make a double effort to draw the attention of the technical staff with his team, especially since most of the team members are chosen from the two poles, when I was in the Union, for example, I did not join the Union until after I scored 16 goals, and on the other side Al-Ahly and Zamalek player He might join after two or three games, and I think that’s normal.

What is the best match you remember in your career?

The big matches are the ones that remain in memory, such as the Smouha and Zamalek match, in which we won 3/0, and the Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad match, which ended with Al-Ittihad winning in four, and you scored a goal in Al-Ahly and made two goals in that match, and then you moved directly to Al-Ahly, and the last Ismaili match and the goal you scored and caused In the contractors’ victory, because the Ismaili “came out of my eyes”, and the goal was to restore my consideration after they spoke inappropriately about me, and I asked to leave because I did not feel comfortable in light of the instability.

How did you start your negotiations with Al-Ahly?

In that period I was Resplendent with Al Ittihad And I joined the national team and received foreign offers from the Saudi League. It was natural that there were offers from my family and colleagues during that period, and it was agreed with Al-Ahly.

Hamdi Zaki (1)
Hamdi Zaki (1)

And why did you prefer Al-Ahly show to Zamalek?

Unfortunately, I received the Zamalek offer after the end of signing for Al-Ahly, when I signed for Al-Ahly, no one in the Union knew about it, Al-Ahly’s offer was the first, and then came the Zamalek offer.

And why did you disappear on the bench of Al-Ahly after a successful career in Al-Ittihad?

This is asked by Al-Ahly, and I did not even join the national team because of this matter, until now I do not know the reason, the whole story is that no one knows a reason for my permanent exclusion, no one helped me and I did not get a chance although all the players got a chance and participated, even after the first season I went out on loan to Samouha and gave a good performance, and everyone demanded that I return to my family, and indeed I came again every time they asked for my return and I knew that I would not get a chance, and it was natural for me to take a new step and leave the club looking for an opportunity to participate, Al-Ahly did not give me an opportunity to participate to prove to the fans That Mstwaya is not good.

How do you see the competition in the league this season?

The competition this season is more difficult than at any other time, and no one knows which of the three teams will be relegated, or even who will be crowned in the league, the differences are very close, it is still too early to determine the champions of the league and everything is possible and I think even 5 weeks before the end of the competition it will remain mysterious.

In your opinion, what is the secret behind the decline of contractors this season?

The team list has not been completed due to injuries so far, we have faced the Corona crisis and the injury crisis and no one talks about us. Everyone puts the justifications for all the teams, but no one talks about us, as if they waited for the contractors to retreat to start criticizing us.

Hamdi Zaki (5)
Hamdi Zaki (5)

Who has influenced you the most from the coaches you dealt with?

I trained with Hossam Hassan in my early days and shone with him and joined the national team, then I trained with Ali Maher, and finally I joined Emad Al-Nahhas, who is more than influential and collects many of the advantages of Ali Maher and Hussam Hassan, and he is credited with me.

How do you respond to rumors of missing from Emad Al-Nahhas to Al-Ahly?

“If we want to miss, we won’t score two goals.” … Al Mokawloon is not a small team to miss Al-Ahly, and Al-Ahly does not stop to miss a match and its age will not agree with me so that I miss a match, and no one will accept that the fans accuse him of skipping, we must be bigger because things have become very difficult .

How did you follow Al-Ahly’s performance in the Club World Cup?

Al-Ahly club is Al-Ahly. It will not change. It always supervises Egyptian football outside the country and made a great performance in the tournament, and it was possible to beat Bayern Munich.

Hamdi Zaki (6)
Hamdi Zaki (6)

A coach you wished to train with?

Praise be to God I caught Imad Al-Nahhas and I don’t think there is better than him.

Who are Al-Ahly players communicating with them so far?

Of course, I communicate with Basem Ali, who is now in the club, and I also communicate with Amr Gamal.

Who is your idol locally and internationally?

Domestically, Mohamed Barakat, Ronaldo and Messi externally.

What are the scenes behind the negotiations with the players of Zamalek with you before joining Al-Ahly?

At that time, I had signed up for my family, and at that time Ali Gabr, in the name of Morsi and Hazem Imam, spoke to me, and I told them that the issue would be difficult when I was young and my agent was following up on the matter.

What is the best period in your career?

With Al-Ittihad, the first period in Smouha was the best, and I left Smouha due to instability, but I found the same thing with Ismaili.

What is your ambition with contractors this season?

We faced difficult circumstances, we should not have retreated from fourth place, but the difficulties were many. We are now working to win each match separately and ambition will increase with time.


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