Mohamed Ramadan’s first response to Engi Kiwan’s statements (video)


09:45 PM

Friday 05 March 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, responded to the statements of the media and model, Angie Kiwan, during which she praised his physical fitness.

Ramadan, through his account on the “Instagram” site, posted a video clip by Engi Kiwan, in which she answered the question: “Do you have the award for a healthy mind in a healthy body for the most formulated artist?”, And she says: “Muhammad Ramadan.”

Ramadan commented on the video he posted, accompanied by a clip from his last song, “I am the hero.” He said, “Thank you, Engi Kiwan, you have a good taste.”

It is noteworthy that Engy Kiwan recently participated in the advertisement of the superstar Amr Diab, for his new fragrance, called “Amr Diab Eau de Parfum 34”, directed by Tariq Al-Erian.

Meanwhile, the artist Muhammad Ramadan’s latest work is his new song “I am the Batal”, which he released on Wednesday on his official YouTube channel, and it is written by Kalusha Al-Fanar, Islam Shendi, and the distribution of Islam Sasso music, composed by Kalusha Al-Fanar, and directed by Hussam Al-Husseini.


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