Minister of Health: Egypt is the first country to start a campaign to vaccinate Corona vaccines on the African continent


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Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said, Thursday, that Egypt is the first country to start the vaccination campaign with the new Corona virus vaccines in the African continent, and it is also the first country to receive the vaccine on the continent, noting that according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the priority of vaccination with the vaccine for the most vulnerable groups For infection, the vaccination of medical personnel began on January 24th from inside Abu Khalifah Isolation Hospital in Ismailia Governorate, and after that the vaccination of medical personnel wishing to obtain the vaccine was carried out in isolation, chest and fever hospitals, then hospitals that receive Corona virus patients, in addition to university hospitals.

This came during the launch of a campaign to vaccinate citizens with chronic diseases and the elderly, with the first dose of Corona virus vaccines at the Medical Center in the Katameya area of ​​Cairo governorate, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly and Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, Governor of Cairo, and in the presence of the representative of UNICEF in Egypt, And a number of officials of the Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health stated that after that, the state was keen to direct vaccinations to other groups most vulnerable to complications when infected, namely those with chronic diseases and the elderly; Where a website was launched to allow eligible groups of citizens to register their data to obtain vaccines.

The Minister identified the eligible groups, namely, patients with tumors and kidney failure, and citizens who underwent operations (open heart or cerebral or peripheral catheters), in addition to kidney and liver transplantation, according to the database available at the ministry within the initiative of the President of the Republic to eliminate waiting lists, and within decisions Treatment at the expense of the state and those subject to health insurance; Noting that text messages are sent to these groups, and communicating with them to register those who wish to within the system to receive the vaccine to facilitate them in obtaining vaccines, as 152 thousand and 892 of the eligible groups of citizens have been registered to obtain the Corona virus vaccine on the website since its launch until now. .

The minister said: An office has been allocated in health units and hospitals across the country to register all citizens of the eligible groups for those who cannot register on the website, to obtain the Coronavirus vaccine.

The minister explained that the site allows citizens of eligible groups to register their data so that priority is automatically given, according to age and chronic diseases, and the citizen is also informed of all information related to the vaccine, such as: tests for the vaccine and its results, and citizens can see more detailed information such as categories. The most vulnerable to infection, and the document on informed consent to receive the vaccine for those who carry medical reports about their health condition, pointing out that this document includes citizen data, and a number of questions answered, such as: the presence of symptoms of any disease in the citizen, and whether he was infected during the months The last three are with the Corona virus, as well as a question about the citizen receiving any vaccinations during the past 14 days, such as vaccination against seasonal influenza, and whether he suffers from weak immune diseases such as cancerous tumors, or any other immune diseases, and other questions that allow identifying the citizen’s health status, In addition to guidance to the citizen in a document of informed consent about the vaccine and its importance.

In this regard, Dr. Hala Zayed noted that 40 centers have been allocated at the level of the Republic to receive Corona virus vaccine doses for eligible groups of citizens, and these centers will be increased successively with the increase in the flow of vaccine doses to Egypt, and work will also be made to increase the target groups, in conjunction with Get more shipments of those doses.

The Minister of Health and Population explained the steps for citizens with chronic diseases to obtain the first and second doses of Corona virus vaccines at the vaccination centers designated for that. Noting that, in the beginning, the categories that are due during registration on the site are divided into 3 groups in line with internationally recognized priorities, and the citizen chooses the group to which he belongs, as the groups include workers in the medical sector, or the most vulnerable groups of non-workers in the sector Medical and they are the owners of chronic diseases and the elderly.

After that, an appointment will be set for the citizens registered on the site, communicating with them and directing them to the vaccination center in their governorate; To receive the first dose of Coronavirus vaccines, noting that as soon as the citizen goes to the vaccination center, his data is reviewed through the national ID card, and any medical reports for citizens with chronic diseases are reviewed, in order to obtain informed consent, and then the citizen moves to Waiting areas until it is his turn to move to the informed consent room, subject to the implementation of preventive and precautionary measures, and the rules of social distancing.

The Minister said: In the informed consent room, which is the second station in the path of the first dose inside the vaccination centers, all citizen inquiries are answered, and the terms of approval are explained through the available medical staff, and citizen’s data is reviewed and all documents are fulfilled. The citizen’s inability to read and write, he puts his fingerprint in the presence of a neutral witness, and the doctor in question signs the form, and a copy of it is given to the citizen to keep.

Dr. Hala Zayed explained that the third and final stop in the track for the first dose of vaccinations is the vaccination room, in which the identity of the citizen is confirmed, and the vaccine is injected on the top of his arm, then the concerned nurse confirms that the citizen has received the first dose on the Ministry of Health and Population system. The mechanization of the vaccine, recording its date, and determining the date of obtaining the second dose.

The Minister of Health announced that citizens who received the “Sinopharma” vaccine will receive the second dose 21 days (3 weeks) after receiving the first dose, while those who receive the “Astrasnica” vaccine will receive their second dose 12 weeks (3 months) after they received the first dose. , Explaining that there are clinics dedicated to vaccination centers to follow up citizens after receiving vaccinations in the event of any minor or moderate side effects, in the interest of the safety and health of citizens, and these steps are also taken during the second visit of the citizen to obtain the second dose of vaccines.

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