Minecraft .. How to install Minecraft Forge and access thousands of new mods


It is famous for the game Minecraft Minecraft With the number of mods they contain, and how easy they are to install, these mods can be practical – like creating a new item – or they can add fun theme elements to your game, like new game modes.

To install these mods, you will need to use a free add-on called Minecraft Forge, This will allow you to customize Minecraft: the Java version with mods.

How to download Minecraft Forge

Go to the Minecraft Forge download page.

You will see two download links: “Latest” and “Recommended”, choose “Recommended” because it contains fewer errors.

Use the graphic below “Minecraft Edition” on the left to make sure you download the Forge version that matches your current version of Minecraft and the mods you’re running.

Go to the recommended download to avoid possible bugs in the latest version.
Once you click on the installer link, an advertisement will appear, wait a few seconds, then click “Skip” in the upper right corner, once you click on it, the download will start.

Click “Skip” if you see a sponsored ad at loading screen

Download Minecraft Forge.
Open the Forge installer, and grant the app the necessary privacy and access permissions upon request. If you are using a Mac you may need to enter your computer’s ‘Security & Privacy’ settings to grant it permission to open.
In the window that appears, select “Client Installation” and click “OK.”

Click OK after agreeing to the client installation.
Forge will connect to the internet and download all its data, once done, a popup message will indicate that Minecraft Forge has successfully installed, click OK to continue.

Forge and its version number, as it appears in the Minecraft Launcher after installation.
Open the Minecraft launcher.
Open the dropdown menu next to “Play”, which allows you to choose the version of “Minecraft” you want to open.
In the options that appear, click “Shape” and select it.

Click on the Forge icon at the bottom left of the launcher.
Now press “Run”.

After loading the game, check if an option appears

“Mods”, this indicates that you have successfully installed Minecraft Forge.

Click “Modify” to access the “Modify” menu.

How to add mods to Minecraft

Forge won’t come with mods built into it, so you’ll need to find it yourself. You can find all kinds of “Minecraft” mods at Google And websites like minecraftmods.com.

There are thousands of “Minecraft” mods, with new ones added every day. Once you find an attractive file, save the file to the newly created Forge mod folder, the address on your computer will be: C: Users [your username] AppData Roaming .minecraft mods

On a Mac, it will be: [اسم جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك]> Macintosh HD> Users> [اسم المستخدم الخاص بك]> Library> Application support> minecraft> mods

instead of [اسم المستخدم الخاص بك] , Enter the name of the account you are using on your computer.

You can search for “Mods” if you are having trouble locating your Minecraft Mods folder.
Once you do that, you can verify that the mod is enabled by clicking on the “Mods” tab in the “Minecraft” main menu, then confirming that the mod is listed in the left column below “Minecraft” of the version you are running.

Zombie Extreme mod gives you “Minecraft,” but with very powerful zombies.


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