Microsoft seeks to acquire Discord for $ 10 billion


It seems that there has been something like an arms race between Sony and Microsoft recently. It is no longer just about buying development studios, but we are in another stage. After Sony’s deal and its acquisition of the EVO Fighting Games Championship. Microsoft seems to have another huge deal.

According to a report published today by Bloomberg, Microsoft is in talks to acquire the Discord chat and chat application, so far the deal has not been officially completed or completed and negotiations are still continuing.

The report says that the value of this deal may be 10 billion dollars or more, and of course Microsoft is one of several companies that want to buy the application after its owners expressed a desire to sell, and this is not the first attempt of Discord owners to find a buyer as they have previously held talks with all of Epic Games And Amazon but did not reach an agreement.

According to Matthew Kanterman, Bloomberg analyst, through this deal, Microsoft wants to boost more than the Xbox Game Pass subscription, for example, it could include the Nitro Discord subscription to the benefits of the Game Pass subscription and thus attract new subscribers.


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