Microsoft prepares to launch a new version of the Windows operating system


The American company “Microsoft”, the software giant in the world, is preparing to launch a new version of the famous “Windows” operating system.

The Indian site “India Today” stated that the launch of the new version of the new “Windows” system from the American technology giant will take place during the month of March or next April, as the American company plans to market the “Windows 10 X” platform under the name “New Windows”.According to the site, the new version of the operating system will be dedicated to dual-screen devices, in addition to single-screen devices, which include laptops, tablets, etc.

The new version includes a simplified system for updating and maintenance, and it is also more resistant to piracy and other problems that users may face.

Last year, reports indicated that the new operating system is undergoing a major revamp and that the new interface is codenamed “Sun Valley”.

It is decided to install the “new Windows” in the certified devices, so it is expected that the operating system will be more stable and is currently intended for low-cost portable computers with a single screen.


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