Microsoft announces its new Mesh platform for virtual meetings … pics


Video conferencing has become a worldwide staple in the past year due to a virus Corona That forced millions to stay home, however Microsoft It revealed a new platform that brings people together in the same room, even if it’s by default.

The app is called Microsoft Mesh, and it’s a mixed reality system that uses the company’s HoloLens headset, allowing users in various locations to “send” themselves as a 3D image for further experiences.

Users can “teleport” to the office to sit in a meeting or view 3D content in augmented reality that others can replicate in augmented reality.

Microsoft Mesh was announced during the company’s Ignite Digital Conference, Microsoft said, “You can really feel like you are in the same place with someone sharing content or you can teleport from different devices to mixed reality and be present with people even when you are not physically together.”

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Microsoft Mesh comes at a time when millions are using video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, to keep in touch with loved ones, along with complete daily business tasks, but Microsoft’s platform is bringing the world closer by letting people transport themselves digitally.

“Microsoft Mesh will also enable geographically dispersed teams to hold more collaborative meetings, conduct virtual design sessions, help others, learn together and host virtual social gatherings,” the company said.

“People will first be able to express themselves as an avatar in these shared virtual experiences, and over time they use Holoportation to project themselves as more real,” she added.

According to the British newspaper the Daily Mail, Microsoft Mesh is the result of a R&D team that has spent years developing hand and eye tracking using HoloLens, along with developing static holograms and AI models for glyphs.

The system is built on Azure, Microsoft’s computing platform, and uses enterprise-level security and privacy features, along with its massive computing resources, data, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality services, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft explains that the app can be used by anyone who works with 3D models, allowing them to share such ideas in a virtual space and iterate on the 3D models, “regardless of their physical location.”

“Architects and engineers can virtually walk through a 3D model of the floor of a factory under construction and see how all pieces of equipment fit together in three dimensions, which could avoid costly mistakes,” the company said in a statement

“Engineering or medical students learning about electric motors or human anatomy can assemble as an avatar around a 3D model and remove parts of the engine or anatomy,” she continued.

“Students can simply meet and chat in a shared virtual space, or companies can use Microsoft Mesh applications to deliver virtual meetings or training courses for employees around the world,” she added.


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